Our Philosophy

Kids Developmental Services strongly believes in and follows the principles of Developmentally Appropriate Practice.

All children will receive educational programming that is based on a thorough knowledge of child development and a solid understanding of individual children’s growth patterns, strengths, interests, and experiences. Every child receiving early education services through Kids Developmental Services, will be treated with unconditional positive regard and will be accepted and supported regardless of what they say, do or their exceptional learning needs.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice and programming emphasizes child-initiated activities, learning through unstructured and purposeful child-led play, integrated learning activities across developmental domains, and active engagement with the learning and social environment. We maximise the child’s natural curiosity to learn and participate in their environment.

Young children identified with diverse learning needs may require additional supports, accommodations and adaptations to general early childhood programming.

With our values of passion, child centredness, integrity, playfulness and collaboration; we commit to support the growth and development of our play-based early education community; in support of accountable leadership that facilitates innovation.


We believe that all children have unlimited potential; creative minds; and a playful nature.


Kids Developmental Services is a private Early Childhood Services (ECS) Operator which is funded by Alberta Education. Our mission is to collaboratively create a developmentally appropriate and individualised educational program for each child that encompasses their strengths to support their areas of need, in a play-based and inclusive learning environment.


Teaching children and families to play, learn, and grow together.

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