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We help prepare your child to reach their best potential – in an inclusive environment which promotes universal acceptance of, and belonging for, all children.

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Kids Developmental Services teams (certificated teachers, assistants, and therapists) work with your child in a community preschool or child care centre of your choice.

You choose the preschool or child care centre and we arrange to work with your child in the site.

If you have concerns with regards to your preschool-aged child’s development, please feel free to contact us

If your child has already been assessed, and is eligible for funding, we can provide support to them in their preschool or child care classroom. If your child is registered in a preschool or child care centre, contact us to determine if your child might be eligible for additional supports. If your child is not yet registered in a preschool or child care centre, please contact us to discuss your options.

“Children are constantly engaged in making meaning of their world and in sharing their perceptions through exploration, play and experiences. Play is an optimal context for enabling children to work out their ideas and theories and use what they already know to deepen their understanding and further their learning. Adults have a key role in supporting children in their exploration, wonderment and discoveries through “inquiry”.
Researcher and Educator

Our Approach




Our Philosphy


We believe that all children have unlimited potential; creative minds; and a playful nature.


Kids Developmental Services is a private Early Childhood Services (ECS) Operator which is funded by Alberta Education. Our mission is to collaboratively create a developmentally appropriate and individualised educational program for each child that encompasses their strengths to support their areas of need, in a play-based and inclusive learning environment.


Teaching children and families to play, learn, and grow together.

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